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OUTLAW GOSPEL – you may ask, “what am I getting into with OUTLAW GOSPEL?  Is this some organization of rough and tough guys and gals who I really don’t want to be associated with?”  Rest assured – no not someone you do not want to be associated with.  Rough and Tough?  Yes – for the Lord!


OUTLAW GOSPEL is a Tool:  

If you are walking into your church each Sunday thinking that is your way of reaching out and saving the lost – brother – 99.9% of them “are not in your church”.  Don’t become a shoe salesman and hope to strike it rich trying to sale to people with 50 pairs of shoes.  They don’t need it.  Hit the street where people have bare feet.


OUTLAW GOSPEL is a tool to be used to reach out to those who may not or would not ever contact a pastor or church because they simply have never been nor have they any idea what we (Christians) are all about.  Maybe it’s that they just don’t like the music in the church, or they don’t like the building, or the people or whatever.  We ALL have to take baby steps.  And no matter the circumstance, these men and women still deserve every chance that you and I have had to love and learn about Jesus Christ.  What may be easy for you and I may not be remotely comfortable to someone else.  Maybe they feel they are far beyond ever being saved.  Your neighbor who you see on occasion and say hello to who looks like you, has a nice job like you, has a beautiful family like you – “may think they are beyond saving – or could not live up to what it takes to be a Christian”.  This is because they do not understand what it takes and just how easy it is – because the debt has been paid in full.


As you will find in our MISSION STATEMENT – the OUTLAW GOSPEL mission is simply to help others – and we cannot do it alone.  To do that, we need individuals like you with a caring spirit to join in and simply say, “I have the time to listen and see if I can help someone”.  That’s it.  It may just be to pray with them.  Maybe it’s your church, your organization, you and a group of buddies – or just you – who take the time to click on the membership link and join “OUTLAW GOSPEL” and become that outlet that may bring someone to Christ.


Our goal at OUTLAW GOSPEL is to have someone in every city of every State available to reach out and help someone who wants to learn about the Lord.  What we hope to accomplish as we move forward is to provide a website and later an 800 number where you can either go online or call up Toll Free and enter your Zip Code.  Once you have entered your zip there will be contact information within that area – your area – where you can contact someone and just ask them questions about the Lord, what it’s like being a Christian, your own personal questions, maybe have prayer, and just take a moment to breath and say – “you know, I just want to know a little more without someone knocking on my door and bugging me.  I need this on my terms”.  Being a part of OUTLAW GOSPEL will hopefully give that someone this opportunity.  You may make the difference in someone’s salvation.  Can I get an Amen?


At this point in our initial start we are asking that if you would like to be a part of OUTLAW GOSPEL MINISTRIES and offer your service to someone who wants to talk in your area or perhaps someone who may even call all the way across the country to talk, we ask that you click the CONTACT link and send us your information.  Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, and if part or all of the information provided can be posted on our website.  If there is no specification it will be considered that all information sent is available for web posting.  If you are signing up a Church or Organization as a member of the OUTLAW GOSPEL family, please be sure to give us your name and contact information should someone need to contact you.


We at OUTLAW GOSPEL hope to hear from you soon.  Blessings.


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